Access Internet on your android phone with Android Tethering

Submitted by shashank on March 24, 2012 - 2:35pm


Tethering means connecting your android phone with the PC so that your computer gets access to the Internet. The reason for the popularity of tethering is that using this users can connect their phone with the computer and access fast connections such as the 3G. Until now, we have been using cabled Internet connection.

But with the arrival of 3G connection, we can get the benefits of high-speed Internet. The downside to tethering is that some carriers are unhappy about users accessing the Internet on their computer using the tethering process, as this costs them a fortune. Though we would be explaining in detail about the android tethering process, it would be great if you can check with your carrier if they allow tethering.

In this article, we will talk about USB tethering. We assume that you have a USB cable with your phone so that you do not have to depend on Wi-Fi connection to ensure communication between your phone and computer.

Step1: Connect your android device with your computer using the USB cable.

Step2: Depending on what phone you use, you may require a third party app such as the PdaNet (free version) for android tethering.

Step3: Install the third party app and run it. When you do this, you would be prompted to install the desktop client. Allow your phone to download it. After successful download, run it on your computer. This will install the desktop client. You may come across error messages during the installation. Avoid all such messages as those are not any virus.

Step4: Ensure that your android device is connected to the computer through the USB cable. Run the PdaNet app. You will have to enable USB tether option when you get a prompt. After this, wait for the notification to appear on your PC.

Step5: You will see a panel with some buttons. Locate the connect option.

Step6: On your PC, open the browser to check if the Internet is working fine. Please note that the free version of PdaNet does not give you access to secure sites. This app is not expensive. Hence, you may consider buying the paid version of this app so that you can freely visit any website you like.

You may not need the PdaNet app if your phone is well equipped. Depending on the carrier you use, this app may or may not be needed. You may get an option that prompts you to enable internet sharing when you connect your android phone to your PC. Some mobile carriers allow this feature if you shell out a few extra bucks for the PAM ((Phone As Modem) service. You may have to check if your phone has the PAM compatibility. In case it does not, you would have to depend on a third part app like the PdaNet app.