Change the live background wallpaper on your android phone

Submitted by john on January 29, 2012 - 10:48am


Android allow you to add bit of personality to your phone by allowing you to change background wall paper. It is most popular customization option of android phones. Here, We will show you how to change background wallpaper to any image on your phone in few easy steps as below.


Step 1 :  Make sure you are on home screen, first screen that open to after unlock screen. Now press Menu button on your phone, where you can choose "Wallpaper" on popup menu opens.


Step 2 : Now, you choose which type of wall paper you want. Options vary from phone to phone and let you choose from different set of wall papers or choose picture from Gallery.


Step 3: Scroll throught the list of pictures and choose one and select save to make it your wall paper.