Customize your Android Phone home Screen

Submitted by shashank on March 21, 2012 - 4:42pm


Android brings you innumerable features for your entertainment, utility and fun. The customization feature on the Android phone is another interesting feature. Using this feature, you can customize almost anything- home screen, startup screen etc. Let us talk about customizing your home screen in your Android device.

You can use a simple software tool called the desktop visualizer to customize the home screen. Using this tool, you can create shortcuts with an image or icon of your choice, and then put the same on the home screen of your android phone. The biggest advantage of desktop visualize is that it integrates completely with tools such as launcher pro, adw launcher, launcher pro and the default android launcher

Download and install the Desktop Visualizer application before using the same for desktop customization. You can easily find this app at the Android Market place.

How to customize Android phone’s home screen:

Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the Desktop Visualizer application on your Smartphone. Long press on the home screen of the phone until you see a list of widgets on the screen. Choose from the available widgets sizes (Large, Middle, Small SS, and Small etc.). Once you select the size, the widget would appear on the home screen at the place where you long pressed earlier.

Now you need to design the home screen. You have to decide what size of the icons you would be using on the screen. Another thing that you can do is download images to your computer, and keep them in one single folder, which you can use later on the phone. Set the folder name to “theme”. Using the USB cable or Bluetooth, transfer this folder to your Smartphone. You can also use tools such as DropBox.

Long press on the home screen of the phone and select “Widgets”. Scroll down to the proper sized Desktop Visualizer widget. Tap on the Select Icon button from the list given, and select Image File. Now you can choose the image by searching for it using the search box. You can also chosoe images from the Gallery.

Tap on the Select Action button. Here, you will get three options- Launch Application, Other, or None. Choose one from these three. For example, on choosing the Other option, you can choose from a list of options such as music play lists, settings, activities, drop box etc. If you want to remove labels from the segregated groups, tap on the None option. The Touch Effect allows you to select the color of your choice for the icon (icon highlight color). Once you are done setting up the preferences, select the OK button. This will create your widget.

Using logos and Google images, you can easily customize the home screen to make it look neat and stylish. A square shaped image would look perfect for an icon picture. This shape also makes the screen look organized. Widgets, calendars, system information and other controls can also be sued in your new interface.