CyanogenMod 9 to Bring Ice Cream Sandwich Flavor to HP TouchPad


If you are an Android fan with an HP TouchPad, here's good news. The CyanogenMod team has informed that it is close to finding a way to provide an Android port for your tablet.

News is the team has come a long way from its CM7 days. We may recall the alpha 1 and 2 builds of CM7 faced several bug issues. However, with the release of CM9 around the corner, it looks like things will brighten and you will finally get some Ice Cream Sandwich fun on your TouchPad.

The team has informed that they are making good progress and most of the things are working. What they do need to fix though are its camera and video playback issues. So, as the team has promised, you should "get something to play with soon".

For a sneak peek of CM9 on HP Touchpad, visit .