Dance Legend, a Dance Game, Finally Hits Android Devices


Dance Dance Revolution is a popular arcade and console dance game, well known to gamers who like this genre. While Android gamers have plenty of games to play around with, their thirst for a dance game should now end with the official release of TuneWiki’s Dance Legend for Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Dance Legend gives gamers to play the full game and choreograph a variety of dance moves on their tablets or smartphones. The game includes hits from currently top of the chart artistes like Lady Gaga, Dev, Felguk, Ming and LMFAO. What will keep avid dance gamers glued to their screens are these features:

* Music from top artists and stars on the rise
* Facility to customize avatars in terms of clothing, skin color, head type, hairstyles and accessories
* Wide options on classic dance moves and current styles running the gamut that includes Dougie, Kid and Play, Moonwalk and the Running man
* High quality 3D graphics, realistic environments and full fledged characters unusual for free games

Dance Legend can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore. It will work on devices running Android 2.1 or higher OS. TuneWiki also plans regular releases through weekly updates and in addition, fans can request songs of their choice through Dance Legend’s Facebook page.

Dance Legend promises to have something for everybody with Wade Metzler, TuneWiki’s Head of Music Affairs promising a setlist that combines currently popular music tracks with old favorites and emerging DJ’s.

The phone/tablet-based Dance Legend has been designed to enable users to swipe across the device's screen with patterns and gestures. The game allows customization of avatars using in-game currency, accumulate scores and track them via GPS and set the dynamic difficulty levels, special effects and game environments to a player’s level of expertise.