DI Unveils Laptop Radiation Shield, Android Speaker Dock & AllTerrain Mice


Digital Innovations (DI), a player in consumer electronics solutions, recently announced a range of products aimed at users of laptop computers and smartphones. Among the company's latest offerings are:

LapGuard with Radiation Shielding Technology: The company's patent-pending technology is displayed in the new lap desk/laptop cooling pad. The lapguard is being talked about for its ability to reflect Wi-Fi radiation away from the lap area and "shielding your sensitive reproductive organs" from heat and radiation.

Speaker Dock for Android: This plug-and-play Speaker Dock comes in a cradle design and features "custom SONR Labs app and specially-designed circuitry that allows it to charge and play virtually any Android-based phone, regardless of brand or model". Notable features include:

* Plug-and-play operation (no pairing required)
* Remote control for basic media player functions
* 2.1 stereo sound

AllTerrain 'All Surface' Mice: These products feature TerrainTested Tracking Technology that apparently enables them to "work great on armrests, carpet, the user's pant legs, seat cushions, marble or granite countertops and even glass tables". Basically, these mice claim to be "reliable and precise" whatever the surface.