Does your Android phone dials in your pocket?

Submitted by shashank on March 23, 2012 - 2:31pm


Often, when we keep our phone in the pocket, it accidentally dials out a number. This happens due to accidental press of the buttons. Even during a conversation, we hit the phone’s keypad, thus dialing some numbers.

However, you can deal with this issue. The HTC Hero phone has a security feature that unlocks the device only when you slide down the finger over the screen. If you do not slide your keypad, you would not be able to use the phone.

Here is the procedure to activate this feature on your phone

Visit the Settings menu from the Applications list on your phone
Select the Security option
There you will be able to select the desired pattern option

All you have to do is to slide down the screen and follow up with sliding a pattern on the screen of the numbers. If you follow one more step, you would be able to change the unlock pattern option from the list.

If you use your phone often, it would be good if you follow the standard security option of a simple pattern to unlock the screen. This is because other options are time consuming, and may irritate you. This patterns require you to join 4 dots as per your pattern (square, diagonal etc.).

In short, there are two steps required to unlock your android device:

1. Slide the screen
2. Select the pattern to access your phone

Thankfully, this feature is available on all android smartphones.