Eyelead Software Launches Bunny Maze 3D in Select Android Markets


Eyelead Software, a developer of 3D entertainment applications and visualization technologies, has released its Bunny Maze 3D game in select Android markets. For now, customers in North American, Russian and Greek markets, who own Android devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, will be able to enjoy the title.

For the uninitiated, the game features an adventurous Bunny who is out to get back stolen carrots. The journey is cheerful and the feel is that of a magical world. An evil breed of bunnies also features in the game. They are the baddies that steal our adventurous Bunny's carrots and stockpile them around the world. In its quest to retrieve the carrots, the Bunny travels to magical places and the game is all about dodging obstacles and outwitting enemies.

The title is also accessible through Snapdragon GameCommand, a recently-launched app that allows mobile users to access latest Snapdragon-optimized games. Built on Eyelead's Hive3D Development Platform, Bunny Maze 3D used "Qualcomm's Adreno SDK and Profiler, interfacing directly to the Snapdragon development environment". The Hive3D Development Platform is the company's "cloud ready, real-time, collaborative authoring development environment" powered by a 3D engine.

While we don't know where else Eyelead plans to launch the game, the company has promised to make the title "available at a later date on more markets and platforms". Watch this space for more.