How about testing the Android Operating System with an Android Emulator?

Submitted by shashank on March 24, 2012 - 3:24pm


Google and android developers have come out with a free SDK (software development kit) for the Android operating system. Moreover, even an amateur user can use this SDK.

How to install the SDK (software development kit)?

Ensure you have the latest update of Java as the SDK and the Android Emulator would not work without the Java client.

Having checked this, perform a Google search for free SDK (software development kit) for Android OS. You will easily get this SDK as it has become quite popular.

Download the SDK and install it. The installation process is mostly automated. It may irritate you with some additional downloads. However, do not lose patience and let the SDK install.

After successful installation of the SDK, it is time to work with the Android emulator. When you click on it, you will see a screen.

From the menu, select virtual devices. The emulator presents a large array of options. Do not panic looking at this. You will find a screen that asks the name of your virtual device. Name it and choose the desired Android version (target drop down) that you intend to run the emulator.

Also, specify a size for the virtual SD card and choose the desired skin
Click on the create AVD option. It will automatically perform a few functions and freeze for some time. After that, you would see a confirmation window. Click OK

Select your virtual device (the name you gave earlier) and click Start

After a few seconds, you will see a beautiful Android interface. And the best thing is that for a few minutes you would be able to access this interface free of cost. You can install apps and perform other operations except making calls and sending text messages. You can customize the interface as you wqould have access to the Android settings manager which is built in the Android OS. Thanks to the emulator, you can make any number of Android devices and try your hands on android skins and device layouts.