HTC: Simply Superb Android Phone


HTC has always won our trust. Form the time they launched their first Android OS phone (HTC G1), to the HTC Sensation series, HTC phones have always performed well in terms of features and style. The HTC One series is out, we have to see what HTC has to offer? In the year 2011, the market share of HTC dropped. Also, users opted out of HTC as HTC slipped from the top in the android phone segment. Samsung took the top place as HTC lost its numero uno status. Hence, the year 2011 did not quite fare well for HTC.
This has taught the Taiwanese tech giant a lesson, and they are all set to regain their lost supremacy. Here are some of the ways that HTC would be using to dominate the android phone market:

Quality over Quantity: HTC would be launching fewer phones
Earlier, HTC was more concerned about flooding the market with a large number of phones. These phones from HTC did not differ much in terms of functionality. As a result, HTC started losing its market share. In contrast to this, Samsung adopted an intense marketing strategy for the Galaxy S2 series. By the time HTC was ready with their Sensation series, it was closing of the year, and losses were already registered.
Thankfully, HTC have announced that they will be focusing on phones with excellent specs and functionality, and that they would launch fewer models. Hence the year 2012 would see lesser HTC models in the market. At the recently concluded MWC 2012, HTC revealed their HTC One series of phones. HTC, with its One series, aims at competing with Sony, LG, Samsung globally. Sources say that the HTC One X with the quad core processor will not make it to the US market. However, the HTC Qualcomm’s S4 SoC would be available, and this is sheer powerful.

Sense UI
Like the stock Android, the HTC Sense UI has received appreciation all over. To tackle its weakness, HTC added more animations, wallpapers, scenes, and widgets to the Sense UI. HTC agreed that their UI had become slow for high-end dual core devices. HTC has released the Sense 4.0 and has improved the user experience by removing bloatware and other issues. This UI is also Android 4.0 friendly, allowing the OS to also implement their features. This was not the case with the earlier version of HTC UI.
This friendliness with Android OS does not at all mean that the end user would have less fun using the device. In fact, the new HTC UI features animations, scrolling options and other functions that enhances the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

Integration with DropBox

Data storage has taken a new definition with Cloud storage. Apple and ASUS have already launched their in-house cloud storage services- iCloud and ASUS Access respectively. HTC did not want to be left behind, and therefore, have adopted an altogether different approach. HTC have crack a deal with DropBox to provide HTC smartphone users with a tightly integrated cloud storage option. As we all know DropBox is a reputed name in the cloud storage domain. With this deal, all HTC users would have free access to 5GB storage with DropBox. HTC have done better than Apple and ASUS by not creating its own in-house cloud storage option. Users were worried about HTC removing the microSD card support with its new One series. However, you need not worry as HTC One phone will come with 25GB/year free storage for two years. This is a great deal considering the fact that DropBox charges $9.99 per month for the same storage option.

Beats Audio and MOG

Improving the music experience is another feature on the HTC priority list now. HTC, being the major shareholder of Beats Audio. This means all future HTC Sense 4.0 devices will feature Beats Audio integration for all first- and third-party apps. This translates into an exceptional music experience. Online music streaming services have become a rage these days. HTC wants to benefit from this demand too. That is why they are trying to find a way to implement online music streaming on their phones. If sources are to be believed, HTC and Beats Audio would soon acquire MOG (an online music subscription service). This would mean free or discounted subscription availability for HTC phone users.

HTC ImageSense

Users put great emphasis on the camera when they buy a phone. This is because our life has become mobile, And wherever we go we require a camera with us. Carrying a large camera is no longer an ‘in’ thing. Smartphones, on the other hand, have built-in camera, and they are handy too. Also smartphones are improving in their camera-related features. HTC is doing the same- implementing advanced technology to improve the photography experience on their devices. Users are not quite happy with smartphone cameras’ inability to capture picture/videos properly in low-light situations. Recall the Nokia PureView 808 with its 43MP sensor! Soon after this, every smartphne maker has put camera technology as their priority.

HTC, likewise, is trying to improve its phones with its ImageChip and ImageSense technology. If you visit the HTC website, you would see a lot written about the ImageSense technology. HTC claims that this technology is even better than that in traditional digital cameras, and that the ImageSense technology has been developed keeping in mind the improvement of every aspect of the camera- lens, the sensor, and the software.

ImageSense technology would allow users to capture photos even in low light situations, as well as the flexibility to capture photos while shooting video. Would you like to see the new features of HTC’s camera technology, or the Beats Audio integration into HTC? Here is a short video:

HTC have learned from their mistakes, and are striving hard to make it to the top, not only through better phones, but also through providing the best user experience.

It is to be noted that Samsung Galaxy S3 is already out in the market, and Apple’s iPhone 5 would be released soon. Naturally, HTC would have to gear up for some strong competition. Not to forget ZTE or Huawei, who are introducing excellent device in the android-hungry market. However, HTC possesses cutting edge technology and a near-perfect user experience. Let us wait and see how HTC handles the competition, and what kind of phones it unveils. Hopefully, HTC would not disappoint us like they did in 2011.