Installing APK Files Using QR Code on Android Mobile Phones

Submitted by shashank on March 15, 2012 - 3:57pm


If you manage the SD card using a PC connected with a USB cable, you would again not have to use the file manager program. It is a myth that the usage of a file manager could potentially damage the file system and affect the internal memory of the SD card.  All this leads to not use the file manager program.
Without realizing the necessity of this application, the novice users post questions on the relevant forums for the process of downloading a non-Market application on their mobile phones. These applications are of the .apk file formats and can be installed through websites designed specifically for this purpose using the QR code (a form of bar code that reports some detected information).  The purpose of the website is to behave as an online service free of cost.  It has been designed to function in a very easy and simplistic manner.
How to Install the .apk files from the Website
The pre-requisite for using the website service is to have the .apk file stored on a PC, along with the QR code, Neo reader (scanning program) installed on the mobile phone. Most importantly, an active internet connection on both the mobile phone and the PC is mandatory.
Follow these steps to understand the service workability:

  • The .apk file is stored by the website on a web space.
  • Then, the QR code is generated from the web space for the application.
  • User is prompted with this QR code.
  • User is provided with a time limit of 15 minutes within which the QR code must be scanned.
  • Direct the camera on your Android phone to scan the QR code through the bar code reader program.

Download the Neo Reader to scan the QR code from the URL:
Then, follow the instructions further to install the .apk files. With just 3 simple instructions, you would be done with the installation of the file manager program.