Koobe and Qualcomm Bring Mirasol Display Technology to Jin Yong Reader


Taiwan-based e-reader solutions provider Koobe has unveiled the Jin Yong Reader featuring the Mirasol display technology. If you haven't heard of this technology yet, Mirasol was developed by Qualcomm MEMS Technologies and uses interferometric modulation (IMOD), a "micro-electro-mechanical systems-based technology capable of creating color from ambient reflected light." These displays are "bi-stable, energy efficient and offer refresh rates to support interactive content". Simply put, the technology allows an enhanced viewing quality in a variety of conditions/ambience.

Jin Yong Reader was first launched two-years ago with a black & white display. The updated e-reader comes with Mirasol display technology for an improved reading experience. The device has a Qualcomm 1.0 GHz Snapdragon S2 processor in its gut. Its custom application interface is based on Android 2.3. Also thrown in are features like:

* Interactive touch screen capabilities
* 5.7-inch XGA format (1024 × 768 pixels) display
* Screen resolution of 223 ppi
* Visibility in bright sunlight
* Pre-loaded 15 novel set (compiled in 36 volumes)
* Access to Koobe’s content libraries

There's no word on the device's price or availability. Watch this space for more.