Looking for an imaging app for your android phone?

Submitted by shashank on March 27, 2012 - 11:34am


Android phones come preloaded with decent image viewer. However, it would not do any bad if you upgrade to a better and powerful image viewer that can enhance the functionality of your existing image viewer app. JustPictures is one such imaging app available in the Android Market. This app is compatible with most websites such as Flickr, SmugMug and Picasa Web Albums, thus allowing you to explore the imaging world. This is not the only advantage of JustPictures. Using JustPictures, you can directly upload images from your android phone onto your Facebook photo album. You also have the freedom to store uploaded images so that you can access them later.

Basically, this web enabled gallery program is developed for images. Hence, you would find this app to be better and robust than other similar apps available out there. The default gallery software on your Android phone organizes the media (music, images, videos) in the memory. However, JustPictures organizes only images. Default gallery programs on android phones are not smooth too as they focus on all types of media files- music, images, videos and what not. JustPictures, on the other hand, does extremely well as its sole aim is to sort out pictures. It generates thumbnails for every image in the corresponding folders. JustPictures is compatible with all versions of Android. However, some of its features such as the Live Wallpaper would work only with the latest versions

So how much does the JustPictures app cost? Well, it is free. Isn’t that amazing? Image viewers generally cost between 5 to 20$, or even more. However, this app is absolutely free- no hidden charges. Thanks to its web related capabilities, JustPictures is an advanced image viewer. Hence, you can add this app to your existing list of android apps. You can also install this app on your tablet PC (working on android). With JustPictures, pictures become real. This wonderful imaging app works seamlessly with Android tablet PCs as well as Android smartphones. Although the resource allocation in your android phone for image viewer is quite less, this app still gives you the best features.

Installing the JustPictures app is fairly simple, and you would not be losing anything! It is very much like installing any other android app on your phone. Download the JustPictures app from the Android market on your phone and enjoy its functionality with great responsiveness and smoothness. If you use the camera embedded in your Android phone, this app would come handy as you can organize images using the JustPictures app in relevant folders. JustPictures offers easy upload/download to imaging websites and social networking websites. JustPictures is an all-in-on suite that makes you share images with your friends and family over the Internet.