Motorola Droid 3 Updates to be Released Soon? Two builds Leaked


There are reports the Motorola DROID 3 will get updates soon. No, it's not getting upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. We hear these will be just maintenance updates. While we do not yet know if the updates will be officially available, but XDA has leaked two Motorola-signed builds for the slider. There is no word on beta test being conducted for these updates. has reported that the leaked builds are flashable on a fully stock phone, which will continue to be rootable even after the update. 

Reports suggest the updates are related to:


* Camera improvements

* Increased speed in MotoBlur

* Improved battery life

* A new baseband

* Updated icons for select apps. 


As we already said earlier, we don't know if and when these updates will be released officially. And if you do decide to go ahead and flash your device, you may not be able to restore it to its original state. So, you need to be careful. Information and downloads are available at this XDA.