MTP Error Fix on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Submitted by shashank on March 22, 2012 - 11:56am


The Froyo Update has not yet been introduced for the Samsung Galaxy S in India. If you try contacting Samsung Mobile in India on twitter or the Samsung customer care, you would not be given any information about this. In short, the release date of Froyo in India is still not public. Many users have reported the MTP error while using the Samsung Kies software tool on their computer (when connected to their Samsung Smartphone).

Let us understand the implications of the MTP application error connect your Samsung Galaxy S device to the PC. When you do this, instead of getting connected to your PC, you will see the “initializing” message on the screen of your android phone. Also, the screen keeps on flickering till the phone gets “locked”. When you unlock the phone, the flickering issue still persists and the “initializing” message is very much there. Read further to know how to deal with the MTP Application error.

Here is the procedure to fix MTP Application:

When you see the MTP error after connecting your phone with the computer, close the Samsung Kies software on your computer.
Unplug your phone (remove the USB cable). Go to Applications > Settings and tap on About Phone

Tap on USB Settings and select the Mass Storage option from the previous Samsung Kies software

Visit the home screen. Again, connect your Samsung phone with the computer.

When you connect your phone with the computer, you will find two different Removable drives. First would be your phone and the second would be your SD card.

Download the File searcher software for Samsung Kies. Extract the downloaded file to your computer.

Once you have extracted the File searcher software on your computer, go to the location where you have extracted the file.

Open the software by clicking on the on File Searcher for Kies Fix icon. This will open a new window.

Click on Search. It will ask for the path to choose two removable drives. These drives are located in My Computer. Upon selection, the software will find the cause of the MTP error.

After you have searched for the file that are corrupt or have long extensions, go to the path and delete them.

Disconnect your Samsung Smartphone with the computer.

Go to Applications > Settings > About Phone > USB Settings and select the Samsung Kies app

Connect your phone with the computer. You will see that the device is successfully connected with the phone and no MTP error pops up.

Ensure you have the latest version of the Samsung Kies software tool while implementing the above procedure. In case, you still find the MTP error, reset your phone to factory settings.