North American Mobile Operators Adopt GSMA Spam Reporting Service


Leading mobile operators in North America have adopted the GSMA Spam Reporting Service (SRS). Powered by Cloudmark technology, GSMA's SRS is available to subscribers of:

* AT&T
* Bell Mobility
* Sprint
* T-Mobile
* Verizon Wireless

The service will enable the participating operators to deal with global messaging threats to cellular networks. It will allow the operators real-time sharing of attack intelligence, and provide them with live, online reports, equipping them with knowledge to take required actions to flag spam attack from speading across their networks.

The SRS also enables an operator to keep its consumer base alert through a short code for easy reporting of problems. The company's press release states:

"The short code '7726', which spells "SPAM" on most phones, will be used where local national numbering plans permit."

For Android smartphone users, the service also offers an Android app that allows subscribers to submit spam details to their operator.