Now, Gameloft-themed Sprint ID packs Available on Select Android Smartphones


Gameloft, a provider of digital and social games, has launched two new Gameloft-themed Sprint ID packs on select Android-powered smartphones. Available only to Sprint customers, Gameloft's ID packs, which consist of the HD Games ID Pack and Top Games ID Pack, are expected to provide gamers an improved mobile experience, with customized widgets, apps, wallpapers and more.

The inclusion of the two packs will not only enable users to have direct access to the latest news and information, but will also allow them to enjoy a personalized experience and choose from an assortment of content and games that suit their lifestyle. Here are details of the two ID packs:

HD Games ID Pack: This pack features high-definition games, including Assassin's Creed HD+, Let's Golf 3, Dungeon Hunter 2 HD+ and Order and Chaos Paymium HD+ for devices like Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Epic 4G Touch and Mototola Photon 4G.

Top Games ID Pack: This pack gives access to popular game titles, including Iron Man 2, N.O.V.A., Gangstar 2 and NFL 2011 for devices like the Sanyo Zio, LG Optimus S and Samsung Transform.

Both the packs are free to download for Sprint customers with an Everything Data plan. Up to five ID packs can be downloaded at a time. Cutomers may even swap them for new packs or switch between them. Going forward, the company also plan to release updates for the Gameloft ID packs to include RSS feeds, direct links to 'freemium titles,' push notifications as well as a a Gameloft Live application.