Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000: Android 4.0.3 ICS firmware build ZSLPF (Leaked)

Submitted by shashank on May 31, 2012 - 6:20am


Ice Cream Sandwich updates have become a common affair with android users. One again, a new Ice Cream Sandwich leak is available for the Galaxy Note. If your Galaxy Note is not on carriers such as AT&T, you can flash this leak without any hassle. Read more to find out how.
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 recently received a new Ice Cream Sandwich firmware build (build date of May 8, 2012) called ZSLPF. The date suggests that Sammy is on to something, which it will reveal soon. Only users of Galaxy Note in Nordic countries can use this leak. However, if you are elsewhere, and your phone is not associated with a carrier, you still can flash the Ice Cream Sandwich firmware.
Some bugs and issues are there in the Ice Cream Sandwich firmware leak. However, being official, the firmware does promise overall stability and smoothness. Below, you would find the requirements and instructions to flash the Android 4.0.3 ICS firmware build ZSLPF on your Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000.
Complete set of requirements for flashing the official (leaked) firmware
·         You should be having the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
·         A Windows PC
·         Enable USB Debugging on the player using the path Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging

  • Your phone should have minimum 70% charge. Better, if the phone is fully charged to power the entire flashing procedure.

·         Data Backup: This is extremely important as during installing custom ROM, your data may be lost or corrupted. Take a back up of important data such as contacts, SMS, MMS, Internet settings, and Wi-Fi passwords from your phone’s memory to the SD card.
·         Drivers for your Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 should be installed on your PC
·         Disable firewall, anti-virus programs and Samsung KIES.
·         Download the ZSLPF firmware package on your PC
·         Download and extract Odin3 1.85 on your PC
The information given in this article is meant ONLY for Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000. If you try using the instructions to any other mobile phone, you may experience undesired outcomes. This guide is meant only for instructional and educational purposes. We do not take guarantee if the given tutorial will yield specific results. Hence, you are requested to proceed at your own risk. We would not be liable for any damages that may occur due to this tutorial. Carefully follow the instructions given here.
Also, Firmware version ZSLPF has a major bug that can damage your SD card and brick your Galaxy Note if you attempt to wipe data, perform factory reset, or reformat partitions from recovery. Hence, please DO NOT wipe data, perform a factory reset, or reformat partitions from recovery after installing the ZSLPF firmware.
Instructions to flash the Android 4.0.3 ICS firmware build ZSLPF on your Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000:
·         Using WinRAR or similar extraction software, extract the ZSLPF firmware ZIP package to a folder on your desktop. This will give you these files: GT-N7000-MULTI-CSC-OZSLPF.tar.md5; MODEM_N7000XXLR1_REV_05_CL1144476.tar.md5; N7000_APBOOT_N7000ZSLPF_CL558430_REV02_user_low_sh ip.tar.md5; N7000_CODE_N7000ZSLPF_CL558430_REV02_user_low_ship .tar.md5; Q1_20110914_16GB.pit; and Q1_20110914_32GB.pit
·         Power off your Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
·         Boot your Galaxy Note into Download Mode by pressing and holding down the Volume Down button, the Home button and the Power key simultaneously. You will see a WARNING sign. Immediately then press the Volume Up key to continue to Download Mode.
·         Extract Odin to a folder on your PC Extract Odin to a folder on your PC
·         Launch Odin3 by double clicking the Odin3 v1.85.exe
·         Tab the PIT button, and higlight Q1_20110914_16GB.pit (Galaxy Note 16-GB) or Q1_20110914_32GB.pit (Galaxy Note 32-GB).
·         Tap the Bootloader key
·         Locate the N7000_APBOOT_N7000ZSLPF_CL558430_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 file
·         Tap the PDA in Bootloader  and select the N7000_CODE_N7000ZSLPF_CL558430_REV02_user_low_ship .tar.md5 file
·         Select GT-N7000-MULTI-CSC-OZSLPF.tar.md5 file after clicking the CSC key
·         Select MODEM_N7000XXLR1_REV_05_CL1144476.tar.md5 after clicking the Phone key
·         In Odin, check the Re-Partition, Auto Reboot, and F. Reset Time boxes, if unchecked.
·         Connect the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 to your PC using a USB cable.
·         If the ADDED message appears in Odin, it means the phone has been successfully connected to your computer. If this does not happen, install the USB drivers again
·         Tap the Start button in Odin to begin installation of the Firmware version ZSLPF. Your phone would reboot several times.
·         When you see a PASS message on the top-leftmost box of the Odin3 window, it means flashing is successful
Trouble shooting if Odin does not work
·         Disconnect your Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 from the PC
·         Close Odin
·         Remove the battery from the phone
·         Re-insert the battery
·         Start all over from the step mentioned in the previous set
That is it! The latest leaked Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware build ZSLPF is now running on your Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000.