Skype's latest Update Enables Video Calling on Samsung Epic 4G Touch


Skype for Android has been updated. The latest version comes with an updated calling interface, performance improvement features, bug fixes, and now also supports Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch, adding another Galaxy S II variant in the US market to Skype's list of supported devices. The official word on what's new to the updated version is short:

"What's in this version:

* Improvements and new features:
* Calling interface updated
* Improved quality
* Enabled video calling for Samsung Epic 4G Touch"

The new calling interface looks minimalist, yet classy. Epic 4G Touch users will definitely enjoy the addition of video calling support for their devices. However, internet reports suggest some Epic 4G Touch users did face issues using the service.

To enjoy Skype video chat, a phone needs to be equipped with a front-facing camera that supports the same basic APIs Skype uses. The Skype update can be downloaded from the Android Market.