The Software Marketplace for iOS announced by US Army


Communication has changed the way we think and act. In fact, modern communication technologies have reached a level where we can easily communicate using our mobile phones/tablets without worrying about barriers such as oceans, mountains and valleys. Providing and accessing information that we require for business and entertainment has not been fairly easy till now. However, for military personnel, communication is all the more difficult as they often stay in not-so-ideal conditions such as deserts, hills etc.

To make communication easier for army personal, the US Army yesterday recently announced the launch of their Software Marketplace. Using this, soldiers can access training manuals and other handbooks. These materials would be available as download-friendly native and web-based apps. As the marketplace is in its prototype stage, there are 12 apps available on the website developed by the Army’s Connecting Soldiers to Digital Apps (CSDA) program.

The name Software Marketplace may confuse you at it is essentially a portal that has a list that connects to the apps on the Apple App Store. Does it not remind you of Tablified? The Software Marketplace boasts of national security level structure. When the Connecting Soldiers to Digital Apps (CSDA) program reaches the next level, support for Android devices will be incorporated. Also, more web-based apps may be added on the site.

Following are some of the apps available on the site

• The Soldier’s Blue Book (initial entry training guide)
• Army Values
• Army Social media handbook
• Developing a Performance Work Statement

Speaking about the Connecting Soldiers to Digital Apps (CSDA) program, Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence said that the Software Marketplace is an important step to lessen the time to deliver applications across the armed forces. The new submission and approval processes would enable Army members, organizations, and third-party app developers to announce app for distribution across the Army.