Use USB to quickly charge your Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Submitted by shashank on April 7, 2012 - 3:13pm


When you charge your Samsung Galaxy Nexus using the USB connection, charging is slower as compared to direct (AC) charging. If you are not running late, this does not hurt. However, if you are in a hurry and you want your Samsung Galaxy Nexus to charge in less time, we have found a solution. Thanks to XDA Developers member chad0989, you can now charge your XDA Developers member chad0989 faster using a kernel patch.

How does this kernel patch work? For starters, this patch makes the phone believe the connection is AC, though in reality, the connection would be USB. The best thing about this patch is that it allows you to charge your phone even through car chargers, MHL and inductive chargers. Here is some disappointing news. This patch is not simple to install for average Galaxy Nexus users. The unavailability of ClockworkMod Recovery-flashable ZIP file for installing this kernel makes it almost impossible for normal users to install the files on their phone automatically.

The Android market also has no app that can facilitate easy installation for the said patch. In short, this patch is for those who know the code (tech freaks). The developer of this patch has already given the code and this is meant basically for kernel developers. If you cannot compile your own kernel,. This code is of no use to you. If, however, you are aware of the process of flashing kernels on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you can flash a kernel that allows for force AC charging. Remember, this would work only if your phone is rooted.

A user report says that this patch has been included in the Franco Kernel. You can try the AOKP ROM and the Franco Kernel to check this. For this, first you would have to flash the AOKP ROM to Galaxy Nexus, and then flash the Franco Kernel.

Having done this, follow the procedure given here:

• Got to the Google Play Store and download the latest IncrediControl app
• Install this app on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus
• Launch the IncrediControl app.
• Open the General tab and tap on Force fast charge.
• Then, Tap on Apply.
• The Fastcharge / Force AC Toggle widget (paid) gives you easy access to the setting from your home screen. Use this to toggle the Force fast charge setting
• Connect your Samsung Galaxy Nexus to your computer through the USB cable.
• Now, your phone should detect as charging on an AC connection.

With Force AC (Fast) Charging, you can charge your Galaxy Nexus faster!