Where is the REAL Galaxy S3?


Although a Samsung official in China has already given official confirmation about the release of Samsung Galaxy S3 in April or May, Korea has not yet spoken anything about the specs of this phone. As a result, rumor and “leaked” images of phones are flooding the Internet.

If you are all ears for tech rumors, here is something more interesting for you. According to Phone Arena, they have received leaked images of the Samsung GT-i9300. They are also claiming that the phone is a real deal. Chances are that these are actual images of a yet-to-be-launched phone from the Galaxy league. However, it is not quite evident if the GT-i9300 is code-name for Samsung Galaxy S3 or some other phone.

If you take a look at the image, you would observe that it is an unreleased model.

*The Operating System is Android 4.0 and it has TouchWiz too
*The phone in the image has ICS recommended three capacitive button strip. Also, it has NO physical buttons. Recall that all non-ICS Android phones released till date have at least one physical button
*The screen size is quite large- 4.7-inch. And this is what Galaxy S3 is rumored to have
*The Samsung logo is below the screen. Until now, only US models have had this with logo of the carrier at the top.
*The phone in the leaked image has a bezel that is quite prominent. And this contradicts the assumptions people have about the Samsung Galaxy S3

You may not be an expert at Photoshop, but you can surely see that the images are not fake. It seems as if the image if of an upcoming Android 4.0 Samsung phone. While it is surely not the Galaxy S3, it can be a mid-range phone quite like the three-pronged HTC One series. Rumors are also doing rounds that this phone is actually Galaxy S2 Advance. One cannot dismiss the fact that this phone may be a Samsung developer phone for testing.

We have been eagerly waiting for the Galaxy S3. And if the leaked image turns out to be Galaxy S3, it would frankly disappoint many of us. We hope that the REAL Galaxy S3 unveils itself soon so that the long wait comes to an end, and also the rumors stop making Galaxy lovers go insane!