Would 2012 be a successful year for NVIDIA: Affirmative


In spite of the presence of global players, the graphics processing manufacturing Industry has become synonymous with one name- NVIDIA. We do not deny that NVIDIA has had trouble registering profits largely due to environmental and economic turbulence in the last few years.

NVIDIA, in 2007, was named Forbes’ “Company of the Year’’. Soon after this felicitation, NVIDIA started its journey of losses with noticeable dips in revenue. In such a situation, any other company would have cut down costs as well as production. However, Jen-Hsun Huang’s electronics giant took the opposite path.

The GeForce GPU product line from NVIDIA has seen regular updates year after year. This was necessary to stand strong in the graphics processing manufacturing Industry. Foraying into the mobile chip manufacturing has been the most profitable business decision taken by NVIDIA. The Tegra platform from NVIDIA is now in its third phase. In fact, many researchers suggest that this could single-handedly bring the company back on the track to profitability.

The market for mobile processors registered a growth of 43% in 2011 against 2010. Forecasts reveal that this growth could reach close to 22$ annually through 2016. This would mean higher revenues for NVIDIA from 2012 through 2016. This research also becomes strong considering the fact that NVIDIA is striving to improve its products for mobile and desktop markets. NVIDIA was the inventor of the GPU. It is no doubt that this company is the leading mobile chip resource globally.

The Apple’s latest A5X iPad processor is in news these days. However, reports and tests paint a different picture. The Tegra 3 quad-core processor from NVIDIA is on-par with A5X iPad processor. That is why the company is investing heavily into the development of apps that are optimized for hardware taht would house the Tegra processor. The battle never ends. According to sources, companies such as Qualcomm and Huawei are gearing up to compete with NVIDIA on a larger level. Soon, Samsung is expected to join the war against NVIDIA.

This may be because Tegra 3 platform runs on a large number of popular Android-based devices available today. It would be worth mentioning some names such as the Asus Transformer Prime, and the HTC One X. However, it is also true that Qualcomm’s S4 SoC has drawn positive response in terms of power and usability.

The Google ASUS co-branded Nexus tablet would (may be) be out in stores this summer. This could be the biggest hope for NVIDIA as this tablet would most probably house the quad-core Tegra 3 processor. Technology experts believe that this could change the face of the market that is clearly in favour of Apple’s till date. The Google ASUS co-branded Nexus tablet is expected to cost around 200$. What ios your take on this? Do you think Qualcomm would be a match for NVIDIA’s experience and expertise? Do you also believe that NVIDIA and ASUS would together come out with a quad core 7 inch tablet at a cost of just 200$?