Would Google take its hands off Android?


Android, without doubt, is the finest Operating System and technical platform for mobile devices today. However, its branding has not been up to the mark yet. Meanwhile, Google is gearing up to establish itself in the Smartphone and tablet fields. This was quite clear when Google Nexus devices made it to the stores. Branding, it seems, is the top priority of Google these days. Users may not pay attention to Android or Google when they talk about (or see ads) of Samsung Galaxy S3. In other words, Samsung takes the limelight away from Android and Google. Therefore, branding is essential to the success of an organization.

That is why it seems Google would be joining hands with Asus to release their own series of tablets. By doing this, Google would be marketing themselves as device manufacturers, and not just software developers. It is a known strategy that creating a new brand involves slowing down an existing brand in the same domain. Else, the existing brand would not let the new brand flourish. That is why Google may aim at prioritizing their new series of tablets over ‘Powered by Android’ devices like Samsung Galaxy lineup. Google may even completely distance them from Android. Interestingly Android is Google’s one of the most successful flagship. What would this do to the manufacturers like Samsung who depend on Android? API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) in Android with Google’s own line up may soon be out.

Here is the scenario that may threat Google’s control over Android:
Google may lose control of Android if an open source software version of Android comes out for Smartphone manufacturers and the hackers. Open source means the freedom to customize the software, thus leaving much room for developers and hackers to play around with android. Though Google can release updates for the software, it lies on the discretion of manufacturers to implement those updates to the devices. We know that Android is a diverse ecosystem, though small in size. A few dozens of Android version can support a few hundreds devices. And these devices, if come in the rooted/ROM community, would ensure that Google loses all control over Android!

Would Google abandon Android if it starts believing that Android is too fragmented? Though it may hurt users and android lovers, we are quite open to this possibility. Google reserves the right to stop the development of Android. This would surely give an extra hand to Manufacturers and hackers. However, we firmly believe that then Android development and growth would be almost impossible. Manufactures of android devices can work towards improvements, such as synchronizing new code. However, these would not facilitate development of android as being done by Google.

If that happens, Android would become a tough domain to deal with, and gradually it would breathe its last breath. This would, at the same time, give extra momentum to Apple/iOS- Android’s biggest competitor. For us Android lovers, bidding Android goodbye would be an emotional affair. What do you think?


If Google finally decides to stop Android development, would it (Android) be able to keep up its strength? Or would it become a hotbed for hackers and manufacturers, trying to tweak android for various purposes? In a few years, the fate of android would come into picture. Until then, let us hope android continues to rock like before, and keep offering new updates for better Smartphone experience.